Visit our Restaurant and Deli | 1000 Hills Chef School

Restaurant & Deli

Visit our Restaurant and “Yes Chef” Deli & Brewery to sample fine fare prepared by our students.


Our Restaurant offers fine dining that showcases gourmet cuisine. This platform encourages students to prepare food to the highest possible standard. Menus are designed to incorporate new skills as students work through their syllabus, and change every month. Book your spot at our five course Food and Wine dinner, held on the first Thursday of each month from February to December. We also host select functions for schools, when hospitality and consumer studies classes visit us to learn more about fine dining, etiquette and the world of a chef.

“Yes Chef” Deli and Micro Brewery

Sit back and relax with a platter of assorted hand crafted meats and cheeses with artisanal bread or enjoy wood-fired pizzas with our premium craft beers. We have five different beers in five fun ranges, including The Cheerleader, The Dean, The Quarterback, The FES and The Graduate. Wonderful views and great outdoor seating areas make this a popular spot for family gatherings on weekends. We are the only culinary school in South Africa that incorporates the art of brewing into our curriculum, and second year students learn a number of artisanal production methods used in creating all the produce that is sold in our deli. You can find our menu below.