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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Chef School never has more than 13 students per class. With small classes a battling student is easily spotted as opposed to getting lost in the pack with a large class.
At The Chef School each student gets to cook every recipe they are given. It is much easier to remember a recipe once you have prepared it as opposed to watching someone demonstrate.
We believe that exposure to the public is important during the training period but not to the extent where students are spending most of their time helping run the commercial side of the business. The Chef School restaurant and Deli are both run by the students, under the watchful eye of Chef Dixi but this only happens one 2 days a week. The rest of the time students are training in our kitchens under experienced chefs learning the basics that they will need to know once they venture out into Industry.
Working under experienced Chefs in Industry for function work helps prepare the students for the real world. The Chef School has good relations with some top Chefs and ensures the students are exposed to functions of this type during the School year.
To get good training you need an educator and a chef where the person running the school has plenty of experience. Chef Dixi has been training chefs for the past twenty-five years and is recognized as one of the top educators in Industry.

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